What are the World’s Most Expensive Cars?

The engine roars as you circle the track in your multi-million dollar super car.  The chassis hugs the ground and the special addition tires hug the asphalt.  You think to yourself that if only those jerks in high school could see you now.  You’re rich.  You’re successful.  You own one of the world’s most expensive, exclusive cars.


Then you wake up, and look out the window at your 1998 Taurus.  With a flat tire.

Face it, there are “cars” and then there are “cars.”  You want a car.  A real one.

There are the cars we drive to the office every day.  The cars we use to take the kids to school or to soccer practice.  The cars we drive to the grocery store or the dry cleaners.  They’re reliable.  They get us where we need to go.  And they bore us to tears.

We Love Cars That Excite!

In an alternate universe there are the super cars.  Super cars are a blend of performance and luxury.  They’re beautifully designed and tweaked to perfection.  They’re more than just transportation.  They’re rolling works of engineering and art.  But they carry such a high price tag that only the rich, the very rich, of the world can afford to own them.

Since the first car was built, designers and engineers have asked how they could make cars faster, more reliable, more attractive.  And thus we have the cars bearing the names of Bugatti, Ferrari and McLaren, to name a few.

These exclusive cars are often just that.  With some made in such extremely low number that we’ve lost record of them.

Sure, one (or more) of these cars can be yours.  That is if you’ve got the cash to burn.  Say, maybe a couple million for starters.

Or you can be like the rest of us and stock your fantasy garage with five or ten or twenty cars that in an ideal world would be, amazingly, all yours.

But that’s fantasy.  And even in the real world if you’ve got the funds to purchase the car, you’ve got to consider, taxes, insurance and maintenance.  The tires alone on the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport will set you back about $42,000 a set.  And if you do body damage to the Zenvo ST1, you have to ship it back to the factory.  In Denmark.

For the lifestyle most of us live, a super car just isn’t a practical reality.  Beyond what may seem an outrageous price tag, how much of your real driving is something you’d consider memorable.  Something you’d like to do while driving and exclusive custom built ride?

Oh sure, it would be great to watch your neighbors drool as you drove your Ferrari down the street. Then you’d find them laughing as you made six trips to the grocery store because you just didn’t have the trunk space.  Of course if you could drop down the two million for a super car, it’s highly likely you could have something a little more practical for jumping around town.

But, enough of that.  Sure these cars won’t be reality for most of us.  But we can dream.  And we can fill that fantasy garage with as many cars as we want.  One for each day of the week if need be.

So dream on.  Read about the fastest, most expensive cars in the world.  Then dig into your imaginary Swiss Bank Account and fill that garage to your heart’s content.

Until then, join us here at this website as we review, and dream along with you about some of the most exotic, definitely fast and expensive automobiles in existence in the world today, and if you need a set of wheels to daydream in, we recommend visiting CarsForSale.com for the best deals.

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